Buy-side services

Pinnacle stands ready to help
maximize your value and success

If you want to buy a car dealership, you need Pinnacle.

Our success and experience in managing the buy-side of car dealership transactions are unrivalled. Whether pursuing a particular automotive brand, a location, or the best investment opportunity for your needs, Pinnacle stands ready to help maximize your value and success.

Pinnacle has a proven reputation in the automotive industry with a client network that is second to none. Our exclusive business network allows us to find the best automotive dealership opportunities for your specific needs, ensuring confidentiality along the way.

With more than 60 years of combined experience as dealership brokers, our core team are the partners you want on your side. We are experienced with utilizing the market for client success across the country, and unlike many of our competitors, Pinnacle does not charge upfront fees for you to retain our buy-side services.

Pinnacle is ready to help you buy a car dealership. Call 469-305-1277 for a confidential consultation.