My father and I have known and done business with Bill Scrivner since he was 23 years old, so several decades. He is the same guy we met at 23, great character, 100% honest and transparent, hardworking and driven to achieve a win-win. Bill understands the value of repeat business and long term relationships and has a rock solid personal life that is supportive of his business life. Bill can take a complex transaction and reduce it to simple terms, but make sure he hits the bullseye for his client. Bill is a GOOD MAN!”

Larry Van Tuyl
VT Companies

Bill Scrivner, at Pinnacle M&A, is the very best at what he does. He is fearless in his advocacy for his clients objectives.  We have been doing deals together for over 25 years now, and I have complete confidence in Bill and always consider him a trusted advisor.”

Jeffrey C. Rachor
President & CEO
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Group

While you were engaged and retained by the seller on the latest two dealership acquisitions, you’ve displayed great service, knowledge, and most importantly, straight forward and honest communication. Dealing with Wes and Pinnacle has been a pleasure. You bring accurate information, display clear communication, and  conduct business ethically and professionally. I look forward to doing the next deal with you and Pinnacle.”

Nick Khoury
President & CEO
The Khoury Group

Bill Scrivner, and his team at Pinnacle M&A, get things done!  We have done countless deals together in the 27 years that we have known each other.  He has helped Lithia sell dealerships AND buy dealerships.  He keeps things simple and calm, making both buyers and sellers comfortable to accomplish their goals.  Selling a business that took a lifetime of hard work to build can be a difficult decision and process.  Bill’s experience and active involvement in all aspects of the deal make him highly effective in completing transactions.”

Bryan DeBoer
President & CEO
Lithia Motors

Pinnacle, and their representative Wes Hamilton, have facilitated the sale of two dealerships over a three-year period. They found a qualified buyer at the outset. At every point, Wes was very responsive and professional. Never was there an instance of contention with me or the buyer. Wes stayed in touch throughout the interval between the first and second transaction. We highly recommend Pinnacle Mergers & Acquisitions whether you are buying or selling

Don Elliott
Don Elliott Autoworld

Bill Scrivner is an exceptional broker and someone I would highly recommend when considering buying or selling an automobile dealership. Bill is a professional! He is honest, straightforward, considerate, and knowledgeable of the market. He understands the emotional aspects of a Buy/Sell and strives to achieve a comfort level for all parties. His presentation is organized in a way that simplifies the complexity of the transaction for your review. Bill is focused on building relationships and taking care of his clientele. Bill is C.E.O. of Pinnacle Mergers and Acquisitions. He is passionate about his business and loves cars. You will enjoy dealing with Bill, I have had the pleasure of being a client of his for over 20 years.”

Sam Pack
President & CEO
Pack Automotive Group

Bill Scrivner, at Pinnacle M&A, is without question the best automotive broker I’ve ever worked with. He makes what can be complicated, much easier.  On the multiple deals I’ve done with him, he is involved in every step of the transaction and keeps things moving forward for both the buyer and the seller.  I strongly recommend you use him, and I’m happy for anyone to call me if they would like to find out more about how my experiences with Bill have been.

Joe Cooper
President & CEO
Cooper Auto Group

Mike Sims of Pinnacle Mergers and Acquisitions recently initiated, managed, and closed a buy/sell transaction for my family which proved to be a life changer. Following 33 years of ownership, I determined that in the best interest of my family the high line dealership group I built needed to be sold. His reputable experience, committed tenacity, high energy level, and unquestionable trustworthiness exceeded my expectations with results of not only a very profitable sale, but a friendship that will last far beyond the transaction. Mike Sims would be my only choice if needing to enter any automotive buy/sell activity. Sincerely, MRH”

Mike Houx
Sandia BMW/Mini/Motorrad
Albuquerque, NM
Santa Fe, NM

Bill Scrivner, at Pinnacle Mergers and Acquisitions, is a rare gem in the buy-sell world. Bill has a gift. His ability to bring buyer and seller together, iron out difficult terms, and deliver BIG results are unmatched by his competitors.

I tried to do business with other brokers, before I met Bill. Bill is a winner, pure and simple. He didn’t waste my time, spend my money on non-sense, or sell me visions of unrealistic Blue Sky figures. He brought me the deal I wanted!”

Joe Shuster
Honda of Downtown Los Angeles